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Guitar Canon – 50 masterpieces for the classical guitar

In 2007, the GitaarSalon began filming many of its concerts. It was a way of sharing the very intimacy of a small, friendly venue in provincial Holland… with a larger audience. In fledgling BravaTV, we soon found the perfect media partner. As well as several hundred GitaarSalon films now online, the BravaTV broadcasts are watched in some 19 countries, and growing fast!

The large number of international artists thus wanting to play in the GitaarSalon presents a new opportunity: Guitar Canon. A team of 5 professional guitarists created an initial list of 50 masterpieces for solo classical guitar.

A mix of significant works from the point of view of composers, guitarists and audience. In the coming 3 years we will film all these pieces to the highest possible specifications, performed by some of the top guitarists of the current generation. One-by-one the films will appear on this site. This most beautiful of instruments unites cultures, generations and musical styles.

We also recognize a pressing need to re-unite artists with their audience. Thus the Guitar Canon is here to stimulate discussion. Let your voice be heard, send a link to your own favorite version of these pieces, even feel free to suggest alternatives to the list itself.

The guitar is for everybody.

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4 weeks ago

Guitar Canon

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4 months ago

Guitar Canon @ "Het Landje van Top" in Enkhuizen (NL) featering Lydia Zwart on carillon. camera:Wilhelmien Stam, Wim van Muijen en Frank Reijgersberg audio &… ... See MoreSee Less

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5 months ago

Guitar Canon Mesirca plays Sonata K208 by Domenico Scarlati at the city hall of Enkhuizen Netherlands. ... See MoreSee Less

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